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Thank you Team Revolution!

Congratulations to all members of Team Revolution who crossed the Granfondo Terracina finish line in the name of Humber River Hospital this September 2016. The ride was thrilling and emotional, and was made even more treacherous by torrential rain and wind on the day of the race.  Since its inception, Team Revolution has now raised $1.7 million for HRH Foundation.

The entire Humber family celebrates this amazing athletic and fundraising achievement. Years of hard work and hard fundraising have now given way to our new Hospital. Many of our riders and their family members have personally experienced our patient centered care approach here at Humber. Please know that every climb, every gravel road, every cut and scrape has been worth it. And for that, the entire Humber community is grateful.

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2016 Calendar of Events

2016 Group Rides

Tuesday rides departing at 6:15pm from The Cookie Crumble in Kleinburg

Thursday rides departing at 6:15pm from High Park Hills at Ellis, north of Queensway

Sunday rides departing at 8:00am from The Cookie Crumble in Kleinburg


Event Goal
$700,000.00 CAD
$508,076.00 CAD

1 - Michael Delli-Benedetti
$25,451.00 CAD
2 - Paul Allison
$25,300.00 CAD
3 - Rob Zanetti
$20,600.00 CAD
4 - Eddy Battiston
$14,950.00 CAD
5 - Nick Simone
$11,855.00 CAD
6 - Paul Chianelli
$11,822.00 CAD
7 - Michael Iacovelli
$11,500.00 CAD
8 - Fabio Brussolo
$10,800.00 CAD
9 - Italo Lunardo
$10,520.00 CAD
10 - Marco De Simone
$9,785.00 CAD

1 - Carley's Angels
$29,000.00 CAD
2 - Bici Cugi
$27,556.00 CAD
3 - Masters Insurance/Financial
$22,550.00 CAD
4 - M&M Connection
$15,790.00 CAD
5 - Team G
$11,600.00 CAD